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Our Intense Body Butters are part of our FREE GIFT promotion when you spend over £80 in our shop.

(Limited 1 per customer, item is 100ml)

We utilize a restorative blend of Raw Organic Shea Butter and Organic Oils to enhance your experience.

Our Intense Body Butter creates a beautiful softening experience for your skin.

Our Body Butter will transform your daily routine into a therapeutic enlightening ritual and a sacred act of self-care.

Rich in Vitamins E, D, F and A

Intense Black Seed Oil

All purpose use, great for eczema and skin conditions all the way to acne.

Intense Cutris Fruit

For all skin types, helps to increase collagen production and fade skin pigmentation.

Intense Relax

Subtle floral scent to stimulate your body and mind into a relaxing, romantic mood. Great for all skin types.

Intense Pumpkin and Carrot

High in collagen producing oils, works for all skin, dry skin and mature skin. Holds anti aging properties, reguvinates and hydrates skin. All purpose beauty body butter!


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