Hand Sanitizer (Flu/Virus) 2x200ml

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Our natural hand sanitizer for flu and virus is super strength to target the worst of bacteria and flu.

Simply apply a small amount onto your hands and rub then together as you would apply any hand lotion or sanitizer.

Dont forget to target areas germs gather like around the nail beds.

This hand sanitizer is super strength to kill bacteria and virus strains. If you would like something mainly for bacteria ( kids after using the bathroom etc) please see our other hand sanitizer for bacteria.



Eucalyptus EO has antimicrobial activity against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi. Eucalyptus EO, rich in 1,8-cineole (88%), was active against HSV-1 in vitro. EO was able to suppress viral multiplication by >96%. This EO exhibits an anti-HSV1 activity by directly inactivating free-virus particles and might also interfere with virion envelope structures required for entry into host cells [34]. In turn, the antiviral activity of Eucalyptus species grown in Tunisia against Coxsakievirus B3 Nancy strain was studied using Confluent Vero cell cultures that were treated with non-cytotoxic concentrations of the EOs, both during and after viral infections; activity depended on Eucalyptus species. EOs from E. sideroxylonE. lehmanniiE. leucoxylon, and E. odorata had no antiviral activity, while those from E. bicostata (IC50 = 0.7–4.8 mg/mL), E. astringens, and E. maidennii (IC50 = 136.5–233.5 mg/mL) were the most active against viral infections [96,97]. Eucalyptus globulus EO was mildly active against mumps virus isolated from clinical specimens of patients with respiratory tract infection. The antiviral activity was assessed by plaque reduction assay [98]. This EO also displayed 100% inhibitory activity at 3.1 µL/mL concentration against influenza virus A1/Denver/1/57 (H1N1) after 10 min exposure [35].


In numerous studies of antimicrobial activity, cinnamon EOs of various origins are used. EO of Cinnamomum zeylanicum displayed 100% inhibitory activity at 3.1 µL/mL concentration against influenza virus A1/Denver/1/57 (H1N1) with 30 min exposure. Eugenol, the major component of Cinnamomum zeylanicum EO, possessed the most potent anti-influenza activity in both liquid and vapour phases [35]


The in vitro antiviral activity of eugenol—the main component of clove EO—has been tested against HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses [85]. The replication of these viruses was inhibited with IC50 values of 25.6 μg/mL and 16.2 μg/mL against HSV-1 and HSV-2, respectively. Additional investigations revealed synergistic interactions with a combination of eugenol and acyclovir, a known antiviral drug.


Lavender Essential oil has antibacterial activity against clinical strains of bacteria, which were isolated from patients with respiratory tract infections [24]. It is used to treat infections of the mouth, throat, upper respiratory tract, and lungs [25]. In addition, antibacterial activity may be accompanied by an immunostimulatory effect. After inhalation, no sputum bacteria were found in the essential oil, while the symptoms and increased chemiluminescence of granulocytes were alleviated and the incidence of infections was reduced in patients with bacterial respiratory infections [19]. Haemophilus influenzae may be responsible for such infections and lavender EO inhibited the growth of strains that were resistant to erythromycin or amoxycycline [25].


The activity of thyme EO against strains responsible for acute bacterial pharyngitis and throat inflammation was also examined. This infection is caused by β-haemolytic Streptococci strains, e.g., S. pyogenesT. vulgaris EO was active against the S. pyogenes strains isolated from the throat of patients [41]. The activity of thyme EO and carvacrol was examined against Malassezia furfur—an opportunistic yeast that can develop on the face, forearms, and scalp, especially during adolescence. The MIC was in the range of 450–900 μg/mL [42].

Thyme EO was active against S. aureus ATCC 25923 and K. pneumoniae ATCC 13882. It also inhibited the growth of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae, which causes swine dysentery [30].


Peppermint essential oil exhibited high levels of virucidal activity against HSV-1 and HSV-2 in viral suspension tests. Both kinds of viruses were significantly inhibited when Herpes simplex virus was pre-treated with the EO prior to adsorption. Peppermint EO affected the virus before adsorption, but not after penetration into the host cell [48].

Due to high demand we only have squeeze bottles remaining and not pump tops.


Our hand sanitizer is made of Aloe Vera Base gel and essential oils.



3 reviews for Hand Sanitizer (Flu/Virus) 2x200ml

  1. Alisha Tadris

    Huge bottles for a good price and smells amazing

  2. Sharron

    Review for Hand Sanitizer (Flu/Virus) 2x200ml
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Erin Shanahan

    Review for Hand Sanitizer (Flu/Virus) 2x200ml
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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